Sprouted french petite lentils stew

Sprouted french petite lentil stew with brown rice and kale

Sprouted french petite lentils stew
I have to admit, the sprouting lentils is not exactly doing less, but really, lentils do all the job themselves. I just put them in the water and wash them once a day with cold tap water for couple of days. The lentils become a small discs with little tails. It is super food. Omit this part and cook the lentils without sprouting, if it is not fun for you. You might soak them for half an hour, but even this is not must.

Sprouted - can you see those little tails?


1 cup french petite lentils (or black beluga lentils), sprouted or soaked for at least 30 minutes
1 cup tomato sauce of your choice
sea salt (to taste)
red chilli flakes
black pepper
kale chopped to your {child} liking (optional)


Add lentils and 3 cups of water into pot and bring to boiling. Add tomato sauce, salt and spices. Boil until soft. It will be about 20 minutes if sprouted. Not sprouted might take about 10 minutes longer.

Serve alone or over rice/grains of your choice.

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