How to steam asparagus?

steamed asparagus - easy
Steamed asparagus and broccoli

Steamed asparagus is perfect just as it is and asparagus leftovers are such a great addition to lunchbox and to any other dish. I cut them to pieces and add to scrambled eggs. I use them as pizza topping. I add them to chicken soup.

Steamed asparagus


asparagus - about 1 pound


Steaming basket
Large pot or wok

Asparagus before steaming


Wash asparagus. One by one bend the bottom part till it breaks and discard hard chewy ends. Place asparagus in the steaming basket. Fill water in pot or wok almost to the bottom of the steaming basket. Cover and bring to boiling. Steam for about 3-4 minutes depending on thickness, till asparagus softens a little. The asparagus will change it color from raw green to bright green.  Run under cold water to stop cooking. Serve with or without dressing of your choice or refrigerate for future use.

Packed for lunch - asparagus, beets and pineapple

Easy finger food - just hold and bite.

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